Travel Apps: HopStop

HopStop is an awesome app available in over 300 cities worldwide. It can help make all your travel plans easier and keep you organized. For starters, you can get walking, biking or taxi directions, or even transit routes from start to finish.

Since its appearance in 2005, HopStop has been listed as one of the top 100 fastest growing software companies. Many users claim they can’t live without it, and don’t know how others travel in any city without the helpful features it offers.

It will help you find subway stations or bus stops along your route with ease. Go to the HopStop website, and you can send your directions directly to your email. This way you can check up on whatever information you want.

Whether your trip is from one place to another or includes multiple destinations, HopStop can give you the perfect itinerary and directions. Don’t waste your time trying to get from point A to point B, let HopStop do it for you and save you time and frustration.

Find out how long you will have to be in a taxi, and estimate the cost before you even depart. If you are health conscious or green, Hop Stop can also find out how many calories you burn if you do a lot of walking, or how much you have helped the environment by saving on unhealthy emissions.

HopStop can plan the perfect route for those who need wheelchair accessibility, or for families with children, it will plan the best routes for taking a stroller along.

You can view transit maps and schedules so you can check out the best route for your trip. HopStop will give you a list of local bars, restaurants and other businesses in your city, as well as alert you of changes in train schedules or delays. This alone can save you hours at a time.

You can customize your route to your preferences, such as more walking, less subway, more subway, less bus, walking only, etc. Most users find it 100% accurate most of the time, which is pretty good stats.

Reviews from users in many cities state that it has become a new word in their language. Don’t know where you are going? HopStop It!!

So basically here’s a rule to follow. If you are driving check out Google maps or Mapquest. If public transportation or walking are your form of transportation? HopStop It!