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Travel Apps: The Best Traveling Photo Apps

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you want to be sure your photos are the best they can be. Here are a couple apps designed to help you create some awesome memories.

Autostitch is perfect if you are going to be taking some breathtaking landscape photos. You take photos with your camera, say a beautiful mountain setting, and autostitch seamlessly connects them all to create a wonderful panorama that reflects the image exactly as you saw it.

It doesn’t matter how camera savvy you are, you just take a group of pictures from the same point of view, load them into autostitch and you will be rewarded with beautiful panoramas that seem like they were taken all at one time. Free demo versions are available for download so you can check it out yourself.

Another awesome picture app is Hipstamatic. This is a mobile app that will transfer your photos into vintage masterpieces. Hipstamatic uses your phones camera and applies all sorts of software filters to create a vintage look to your photos. With the tap of a button you can change lenses, choose different films, and create all sorts of amazing pictures.

DSPO, another app by Hipstamatic, creates a group camera to share with your friends and family. Set up your group camera and invite friends via Facebook, Twitter, etc. Choose your movies length, an hour or a year! Chat with your friends and add doodles to your pictures for everyone to see. Once the timer runs down to zero, the pictures are all up for sharing. Everyone sees them at the same time. You can comment on them or just chat about your day.

Cinamatic will help you to create amazing short films. Record multiple short clips and watch them transform into awesome short motion pictures. They can be shared easily on Facebook, Vines or Instagram.

For the best editing apps, why not check out Snapseed. With a free download, you can be enjoying all the features Snapseed has to offer. Improve your photos color, exposure, brightness and contrast. Add filters like black and white, vintage, textures and tilt-shift effect.

Camera+ is a camera and photo editing app that offers many features such as separate focus and exposure lock. It comes with five editing categories: Scenes, Crops, The Lab, Filters and Frames. Turn your pictures into masterpieces with Camera+.

Photoshop, Photoshop Touch and Photoshop Express are all good for layering, blending, removing blemishes and other touch ups.

If you love black and white prints, check out Noir Photo. It helps create awesome black and white or monochrome photos. By applying selective lighting for illumination, you will be rewarded with some very dramatic images.

Color Splash is perfect for converting pics to black and white while retaining the color in only the parts you wish. If you want to keep only one colored image standing out in the picture, this is the perfect app for you.

Today’s technology has many ways to turn your boring picture into a work of art. Many are free to download, some have a small download fee. Check out some of the photo apps and see what you can create with some photos and your imagination.

Travel Apps: HopStop

HopStop is an awesome app available in over 300 cities worldwide. It can help make all your travel plans easier and keep you organized. For starters, you can get walking, biking or taxi directions, or even transit routes from start to finish.

Since its appearance in 2005, HopStop has been listed as one of the top 100 fastest growing software companies. Many users claim they can’t live without it, and don’t know how others travel in any city without the helpful features it offers.

It will help you find subway stations or bus stops along your route with ease. Go to the HopStop website, and you can send your directions directly to your email. This way you can check up on whatever information you want.

Whether your trip is from one place to another or includes multiple destinations, HopStop can give you the perfect itinerary and directions. Don’t waste your time trying to get from point A to point B, let HopStop do it for you and save you time and frustration.

Find out how long you will have to be in a taxi, and estimate the cost before you even depart. If you are health conscious or green, Hop Stop can also find out how many calories you burn if you do a lot of walking, or how much you have helped the environment by saving on unhealthy emissions.

HopStop can plan the perfect route for those who need wheelchair accessibility, or for families with children, it will plan the best routes for taking a stroller along.

You can view transit maps and schedules so you can check out the best route for your trip. HopStop will give you a list of local bars, restaurants and other businesses in your city, as well as alert you of changes in train schedules or delays. This alone can save you hours at a time.

You can customize your route to your preferences, such as more walking, less subway, more subway, less bus, walking only, etc. Most users find it 100% accurate most of the time, which is pretty good stats.

Reviews from users in many cities state that it has become a new word in their language. Don’t know where you are going? HopStop It!!

So basically here’s a rule to follow. If you are driving check out Google maps or Mapquest. If public transportation or walking are your form of transportation? HopStop It!

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Travel Apps: Tripit

Organizing your travel plans couldn’t be easier when you use Tripit. Simply download the app and you will have everything you need at your fingertips. Forward your travel confirmation emails to and you will have a detailed itinerary instantly. Here’s just a few of the things you can do with Tripit.

Send your airline, restaurant and car rental emails and get your itinerary immediately. If you use Gmail or Google apps, they will be automatically sent.

Get helpful directions, weather and maps for any destination you need. You can check out your itineraries any time, even if you are not online.

You can synchronize your plans with your Google calendar for easier viewing.

WIth one click you can share some or all of your plans with family, business associates, or whoever you choose.

Tripit can store your passport, ID, driver license and whatever other documents you need so they will be ready when you need them. It will also keep the contacts you need most while away within quick reach.

For even more assistance, upgrade to Tripit Pro for help with check-in, baggage claim. Tripit will send you last minute info on flight or fare changes, and you can easily get to your reward accounts to take advantage of extra travel upgrades or special perks.

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