Travel Tips: What NOT To Bring on your next Business Trip

Travelers frequently read tips on what to pack for travel, the most important items to bring, etc. It might save you time if you knew which things you would be better off not bothering to pack in the first place.

For starters, let’s look at your clothes. Leave behind any extra clothing you don’t absolutely need. Your hotel should have laundry or dry-cleaning services so your business suit with a few extra shirts should suffice. Make a list before you pack of how many days you will be gone and what outfits you will need for that particular day. This can help you from bringing too many extras you won’t even wear. Extra shoes can also take up space. You really only need your business shoes and a casual pair. Sandals take up little space if you prefer them over sneakers.
Next, what are you putting your clothes into? Think ahead to your destination and which luggage might be best for this particular journey. At all costs avoid checking a bag if you have to. This saves waiting in long lines at both your departure and when you have to claim your bag afterwards. Rolling bags can be awesome and easy to maneuver, depending where you have to roll them. If you have a long walk from the time you depart your flight and head to your shuttle, taxi or hotel, wheels can make your life so much easier. But if you find yourself having to cross a lot of rough pavement they can be cumbersome and difficult to drag along. Try to leave behind anything that won’t fit in your overhead.

Neck pillows on flights cause a lot of controversy. Some can’t live without them, while others won’t use up the space it takes to bring one. If you have a long flight and feel the need to use a neck pillow, try investing in a good inflatable one and leave the bulky stuffed one behind.

Many people go overboard on packing toiletries, especially women. Sure there are some things you can’t do without, like your favorite deodorant or shampoo. But if you are trying to save space, remember that hotels offer most toiletries, or have a small shop where you can purchase items you need.

Packing a quick snack or granola bar is always helpful if you find yourself unable to eat for a while. But bringing heavy drinks is just unnecessary see this site. Don’t bother packing waters or juice as they will just take up space and weight in your bag.

For those who love to read in flight, try to keep from bringing heavy hardcover books. As tempting as it may be to have your favorite novel on hand, they are bulky and heavy. Pack lightweight magazines, paperbacks, or ever comics. Better yet you can always use a reader such as a kindle and have as many books as you want with you at all times.

It’s easy to over pack thinking that you definitely need the item and do not want to pay ridiculous prices to buy said item when you reach your destination. But the cost of the extra weight may be more than you would spend to buy it when you arrive.

You may also want to avoid bringing anything you can’t possibly bear to lose. Luggage gets lost, things get stolen. It’s better to be safe than sorry.