Travel: Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Technology?

Ever since computers made their debut in the 1950s, technology has been moving forward at a rapid pace. In the 1960s, ARPANET was the first system to use the internet. Advances continued throughout the 1970s, until the introduction of the World Wide Web in 1989. Today you probably won’t go one day without seeing someone using some sort of electronic device, or using one yourself. But are some things better off without all this technology?

Business travelers are some of the hardest people hit when it comes to faulty technology. Whether you are at home, at your hotel, or at an important meeting, you never know when things can go wrong and ruin your plans.

Computers are, after all, just machines. They have to be run by humans to work properly. If you have ever had your entire computer wiped out by a virus, or just crash on you without notice, realizing that you never backed anything up, you know the feeling. Perhaps the old ways weren’t so bad at times like these. Instead of sitting there staring at your broken machine wondering what you could possibly do, (all the while cursing the wretched thing) you could be pulling out a drawer in your filing cabinet and flipping through the papers you need, or scanning through your notebook for the information.

Let’s say you are headed out for a very important business trip. It was last minute so you had to book an immediate flight. You haven’t had a chance to eat and are extremely hungry so you stop at the deli quick to grab a sandwich to bring with you. Little did you know that the registers are all down and the cashiers are ringing people up “the old fashioned way” by counting money themselves! If you have ever had to deal with a teenager counting money at a register, you will realize most of them, sadly, can’t make change for a dollar without looking at the readout to see how much is owed the customer. Finally out of the deli you rush to the airport, making it in the nick of time. Only to find out that your flight has been delayed due to “technical problems”. Flights can be delayed for the most ridiculous reasons these days, such as faulty iPad applications that cause the flight manuals to be lost. This is what happened to an American Airlines flight recently buy cialis online safely. How did they resolve it? By deleting the app and downloading it again of course. It almost makes you wonder who is really in charge of your flight; the pilot or the computer?

In 2009, two Northwest Airline pilots passed over the airport by 150 miles due to the fact that they were playing on personal laptops instead of flying the plane. People in strictly important positions sometimes shirk their responsibilities due to the fact that the computer is in charge and they can relax. In past times, pilots would frequently check manuals, keep an eye on warning lights and plane statistics, and other pertinent factors.

So you finally reached your destination, perhaps a little late but still in time to wow them. You get lucky enough to get a cab, but you can’t find the directions that you were sure you put into your phone. The taxi, being new to the area, has no idea where your building is located. If only you had written down the directions and put them in your wallet or briefcase.

What about when you finally make it to that important meeting? Everything is set to go and even though you are nervous, you are totally prepared. That’s when WiFi connections are lost, overhead projectors stop working, and the perfect app you found decides not to open for you.

Having to drag around poster board presentations, written presentations and other manual props may have been cumbersome and time consuming, but at least you knew you had what you needed to jump right into your demonstration.

So yes, today’s technology makes so many things quicker, easier, and just more enjoyable. But there will always be those times when you wish you had thought outside the box and not relied totally on a machine. Keep these things in mind before your next big engagement turns into a disaster.

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